About us


  1. to enhance networking through Penang-Hainan 
  2. to encourage younger generation to know Asean
  3. to promote Penang-Hainan backpacking tour
  4. to share infomation and data related to Hainanese


  1. 通过槟城-海南平台提升联系
  2. 鼓励年轻一代多认识东盟
  3. 促进槟城-海南自助旅游
  4. 分享有关海南人讯息及资料 


JEE SAY HAI  (俞自海)A.C.I.S.

Mr Jee Say Hai (俞自海), Project Director, is a Hainanese himself.  Born in 1947 in Penang (槟城), Malaysia, he spent six years of his childhood in Hainan, China (海南省,文昌县,会文镇,家屯村).  He is a Chartered Secretary by profession and is a member (since 1981) of the UK based Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators ((ICSA)(英国皇家特许秘书及行政员协会会员), which has served its members since 1891.  He is also a tax agent (since 1996) approved by the Malaysian Ministry of Finance.  He is presently running his own private practice offering corporate secretarial, accounting, taxation and management consultancy services since 1983.   He was a speaker in Corporate Directors’ Training Program conducted in Mandarin organized by Malaysian ICSA (MAICSA).  Currently he acts as Company Secretary for numerous private limited companies.  He also served as  an Independent Director of a public listed company. 

He was the Chairman of Poay Wah Ex-Pupil Association (培华校友会会长)and has served as Honorary Secretary of Federation of Penang Chinese School Alumni Association (槟威华校校友会联合会秘书长) and as Committee Member of Federation of Malaysian Chinese School Alumni Association (马来西亚华校校友会联合会总会理事). He held variety of positions including Organizing Secretary, Regional Secretary and Treasurer in the Hainan associations in state, regional and national level (海南会馆组织秘书/区秘书/财政).  

Backpacking traveling is his annual routine outings with an indepth exploration in ASEAN countries such as Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar where there are rich history and culture.


Mr Lin Dao Qun (林道群),Project Coordinator in Hainan,was born in 1947 in Hainan, China (海南省,文昌市,东路镇,大连山村).   He completed a course of study from Huanan Teachers University (华南师范大学) in 1970.   He worked as a secondary school teacher and later joined the government service.  He further his studies whilst in service and graduated with Political Economy.  He held the post of General Manager in a government owned traveling company and head a tour company based in Malaysia in 1994.  He acted as co-ordinator with the responsible of promoting Hainan as a centre of investment and a tour destination.  He also assisted in the sourcing of tropical fruit seedings  for the fruit plantation and cultivation in Hainan. He managed his own orchard plantation and a tour jetty in Hainan. He was appointed as Assistant Secretary in the Manafgement Committee of the Hainan University in 2006.

OUR MOTTO:  Ask not what Penang-Hainan can do for you….ask what you can do for Penang-Hainan


OUR MISSION: Let Penang-Hainan reach the world….let the world know Penang-Hainan

We welcome your support.

我们的格言: 莫问槟城-海南能为你做什么….要问你能为槟城-海南做什么