Dongxing, border town in China 东兴旅游景点 (中越边界城镇)

DONGXING (CHINA) 东兴市 (中国 广西省)

Dong xng is a city in Guangxi, (China) bordering with Vietnam city of Mong Cai (芒街).  The two cities are separated by the Bei Lun River (北仑河). Tourists walk along the Friendship Bridge from one immigration post to the other. 

Dongxing commercial area is located just outside the immigration checkpoint building. Hotels are visible within sight.  If you need to continue your journey to Nanning, the capital of Guangxi or other nearby towns you may proceed to the main bus terminal by either motorcycle or the city taxi. 

Mong Cai immigration postThe boundary - Bei Lun RiverDongxing immigration post


Cross border tradingWholesales complexSupermarketResidential shop house


Friendship Garden 友谊公园


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