Poem On Autumn Leaves 红叶题诗

An Opera brought to you by 

Qiong Ju Society of Singapore
Date: 21 and 22 June, 2013 (Friday and Saturday)   

Venue: Yap Kongsi, Junction of Cannon Street and Armenian Street, George Town, Penang
Time: 8:00 pm
Entrance is free.

日期:2013 年6月21日(星期五)及22日(星期六)

poem autumn

About the opera:

For the first time in Singapore, Qiong Ju Society of Singapore will bring to stage an adaptation of a movie based on the novel with a modern twist, as multimedia images of Chinese calligraphy and paintings are incorporated into  each act.

In a bold move by the Society, the movie version would be staged as a Hall  Opera, the first ever.  Together with a touch of modernity that is injected,  Hainanese opera will be given a new and refreshing lease of life.






The cast, from right: Jack Peng, Liu Huimin, Wu Yuan and Serena Lim

The story:

Wen Dong He, a top scholar from Southern Song Dynasty, expressed his loving  affections after reading a young lady’s ambitions written on a piece of red  leaf, which he happened to pick up during his tour of the West Lake. When  accompanying his mother to a birthday celebration for court official Jiang  Hua, Wen chanced upon the fact the poem on the leaf was written by Jiang’s  daughter Jiang Yu Lei. Both Wen and Jiang expressed their mutual affections  and decided to tie the knot. However, on the day of their engagement, Song  emperor decreed that Jiang Yu Lei would be conferred the title of seventh  concubine, effectively dashing Wen’s hopes. Wen and Jiang decided not to  submit to fate and committed suicide by jumping into the lake together.

ladies About Qiong Ju Society of Singapore

A non-profit organisation established in 2010, which aims to preserve,  develop and promote the art and culture of Hainanese opera.

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There are Chinese and English display to allow the audience have a better understanding of the story

audience couple

The crowd at the performance. Another scene