By Jee Say Hai


Chuah Hoe Hin and his wife, Cheah Soon Cheng re-visited Penang in late October 2014.  They were both attached to CEC located in Prai, Penang.  The couple migrated to the USA in the late 1970s.  Their colleagues Cheng Sek Yu and Jee Say Hai brought them for an afternoon tea session at the George Town heritage site.  They later visited the local bakery shop for a taste of the special soya bean drink and cookies.  

Thank to the visitors, Cheng and Jee were able to be at the Tanjong Tokong beach to watch the beautiful sunset scene, a sight which they (and may be other Penangites as well) have taken for granted indeed.   They were at the Ocean Green Restaurant near-the-beach for dinner.

Within a few hours the visitors were able to be at the World Heritage Site, the Penang beach and tasted the Penang food.  These places incidentally cover the history, the nature and the culture of Penang - a meaningful way of promoting Penang tourism.

chh relax chh serve
The colleagues, from left: Soon Cheng, Say Hai, Hoe Hin and Sek Yu at a cafe in George Town  Soon Cheng "serving tea" to Say Hai
chh cake chh beach
At the cookie shop for a snack At the Tanjong Tokong beach
chh dinner chh beach2
At the dinner table: let's cheer for health Beautiful  sunset, a sight which many Penangites have taken for granted


Former Staff of CEC - BBQ dinner 
The date: 29 November 2014 (Saturday)
The venue: Penang Swimming Club beach front
The time: 6.30 pm
No of former staff: 27

The CEC story goes like this:
In 1973 Datuk Loy Hean Heong handed over a folder to Peter Ng Hong Chai.  The folder contained only a Pioneer Status Certificate approving the production of rubber bands and rubber thread issued by MIDA........ In 1974 the first container of rubber bands was pulled out from the factory for export to Japan........

The get together BBQ dinner was a testimony of the cordial relationship of the former staff of CEC comprising management, supervisory and general staff from day one to the present days.


The BBQ dinner site

It was not an easy  task to get former colleagues for a dinner.  More difficult indeed if they have parted each other for a long time, some more than 30 years.  The decision to go ahead with the dinner gathering keep the organisers hunting for their contact: from Facebook to the Telekom; from Google search to the old pocket diary ...... The hard work from all colleagues contacted linked from one to another.  Their concerted effort and determination at last brought together 27 former colleagues, with a few who were not able to turn up.

The BBQ gethering will be a long remembrance for all those present.  For those who had missed the gathering, where ever they are and when ever they can, this web site will give them some sort of memory to ponder.

We have seen the team work that all former CEC colleagues had put in during their services. Suprisingly  they still uphold the team spirit up to this day!  For that we must salute to the man behind this elastic and long lasting bond. He is none other than Peter Ng Hong Chai, a person who professes team work - the key to any successful venture.

Standing from left: Lily Soon, Tan Eng Kim, Ang Siew Kim, Ang Geok Lian, Tan Kim Heang, Inbavalli, Tan Hong Teik, Noor Mohd, Teh Seng Teong, Tan Ka Lock, Fowzi, Jee Say Hai, Tan Paik Sin, Soon Shyh Chang, Abdul Majid, Shanmugam, Ooi Kim Leng.
Seated from left: Shirly Wong, Usha, Indra, Mah Looi Yin, Mrs Koh, Sik Kam Leng, Peter Ng Hong Chai, Wong Sek Yee, Cheng Sek Yu, Ramiah 
lady man
The female staff with Peter Ng (seated centre) The male staff with Peter Ng
ng sham nor
Shanmugam presented Peter Ng with a garland Noor Mohd, Teh, Majid, Shanmugam and Fowzi
majid  cake
Action: how low can you go? Happy birthday to Soon accompanied by wife 
ramiah soon
Ramiah: "Hi! Glad that we meet again!" A light moment