From Penang to Hainan via Hong Kong 从槟城到海南途经香港



By air from Penang to Hong Kong


  • Mirador Mansion, USA Hostel, 13 Floor, 58-62 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.  Tel: (852) 9638 4111 / 2311 2523
  • Chung King Mansion, Chung king House, 4 & 5 Floor, 40 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.  Tel: (852) 2366 5362  Fax: 2721 3570

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From Hong Kong airport by Airport Shuttle Bus No. A21

Service starts from 5:30 am until mid night. Leave airport bus terminal every 10 minutes interval; cost HK$33 per person; take about 45 minutes to arrive at town; stop at the 12th Nathan Road bus stop (Mirama Plaza); walk along Nathan Road bus route to reach hotel. Holiday Inn Hotel is just beside.


All within 5 to 15 minutes walk:
Airport bus stop / MTR (Mass Transit Railway) / Star Ferry / Victoria Harbour / Cultural Centre / Space Museum / Science Museum / Kowloon Park / Heritage Museum / Night Market / Lady Street (女人街)

Also reachable by walking:
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (Hong Kong Island)


Octopus Prepaid Card
Buy an Octopus prepaid card which can be used for travel by bus / MTR / Ferry and certain selected food outlets. Available at MTR station.

Telephone Prepaid Card
Also accessible to international calls



From Hong Kong to Shenzhen

By MTR from Hong Kong: get down at last train station at Lo Wu Immigration Checkpoint (罗湖口岸 ). 

Caution: the other Checkpoint, which is nearly, is at Lok Ma Chau (Futian Port) (落马洲-福田口岸) which should be avoid as there is no connecting train to Guangzhou.

 From Shenzhen to Guangzhou

Exit from the Shenzhen Immigration Checkpoint (深圳口岸 ); standing at the Checkpoint building: on the right is the bus station; about 150 meter in front is the train station. 

Train fare from here to Guangzhou Station (广州站) (which is the last station) is RMB80.00.  Travel time: 1 hour 20 minutes. 

Caution: not to confuse with Guangzhou East Station  (广州东站), which is one station before Guangzhou Station and take 11 minutes more to reach the final destination.



From Guangzhou to Haikou (Hainan)

By bus

  • Check the departure time and fare at the bus station located near the train station (广州站).
  • Travel time: 8 hours 30 minutes from here to Haian (海安).  The bus will stop at the pier ticketing office.
  • The fare from Haian to Haikou is RMB42.50 per person.  The coastal vehicular-passenger ship will take you to the island, where Haikou is awaiting you. The 18 nautical miles (33 km) journey takes about one hour 30 minutes.  The ships run 24-service at 1 ½ hourly interval.  

By train

  • The train leaves the station at 9.00 pm and arrives in Haikou at about 9.00 am the following day.  This is a very interesting experience.  You do not need to disembark from the train along the journey.  You will only go down and leave the train after arriving in Haikou.  The train will ‘sit’ on a specially designed ship, the one and only one in the world, to ply across the Straits of Qiongzhou (琼州海峡). Train fare is RMB265.00.

From Haikou Railway Station to the City

Take the following bus which will bring you to the City:  

Bus No. 28:  火车站 …………………. 五指山路 > 蓝天路 > 海府一横路 > 美舍和站 (last stop).
The journey takes about 1 ½ hours; the fare: RMB3.00.  Disembark at the second last bus stop at  海府一横路.  Follow the direction of the bus route and walk towards the traffic light junction (30 meter away); take a right turn and walk for about 100 meter.  Hotel Long Quan (龙泉酒店)  is just in front of you. Hotel rate: RMB200.00 twin sharing [December 2011].


Hotel Long Quan, 56 Bai Long Nan Lu, Haikou, Hainan.
Tel: (898) 6531 3888  Fax: 6520 1606
龙泉酒店   地址: 海口, 白龙南路58号


You do not need a tour guide to go for a city tour.  Go to any bus stop.  Study the places (mostly identified by name of buildings, road junctions or tourist spots); check the Bus number and hop onto the bus.  For city ride the fare is RMB1.00 flat each time you board a bus.  You can even stay on the bus until it reaches the last stop; remain seated and go down at the place were you had boarded earlier: all for RMB1.00.


Telephone Prepaid Card

There are two companies operating the mobile telephones.  China Mobile (中国移动) is one of them.  Walk in any China Mobile outlet.  Get your name registered as a subscriber with your passport. Top up is easily available.  If you wish to have access to international calls you must buy an IP card.


From Haikou to Singapore

The following budget airlines offer services between Haikou and Singapore:

From Singapore to Penang

The following budget airlines offer services between Singapore and Penang: