The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) was founded on 8 August 1967 in Bangkok with the signing of the ASEAN Declaration by Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.  Brunei joined ASEAN on 8 January 1984, Vietnam on 28 July 1995,Laos and Myanmar on 23 July 1997 and Cambodia on 30 April 1999.  ASEAN currently has 10 Member States. 

The ASEAN Declaration states that the aims and purposes of the Association are, among others, to:

  1. Accelerate the economic growth, social progress and cultural development in the region through joint endeavours in the spirit of equality and partnership in order to strengthen the foundation for a prosperous and peaceful community of Southeast Asian Nations.
  2. Promote regional peace and stability through abiding respect for justice and the rule of law in the relationship among countries of the region and adherence to the principles of the United Nations Charter.


Towards One Vision, One Identity, One Community
On 1 March 2009, the ASEAN Leaders signed the Roadmap for an ASEAN community (2009-2015), a new initiative to ensure the timely implementation of the three Blueprints:
(a) the ASEAN Political-Security  Community Blueprint
(b) the ASEAN Economic Community Blueprint
(c) the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community Blueprint

China-ASEAN Free Trade Area
Under the China-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement, the zero-tariff policy for 90% of products between China and ASEAN came into effect on 1 January 2010.  This marked t he beginning of a new era for the economic exchange and bilateral trade between China and ASEAN.  By January 2011, ASEAN has become China’s 3rd largest trade partner.  The market size of this region is 1.9 billion population (2010).

China-ASEAN Expo
The first China-ASEAN Expo was held in October 2004 in Nanning (Guangxi, China). This is an annual event held in October every in Nanning, a permanent for the Expo.  The Expo is co-sponsored by the ministries of commerce/trade and industry of China and the 10 ASEAN countries as well as the ASEAN Secretariat, aims to promote the construction of the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area and to bring about opportunities for cooperation and development.  It covers trade in goods and services, investment and cooperation.  The Expo is a grand international trade fair with profound influence within China-ASEAN Free Trade Area.  This grand trade event, which has been held successfully since 2004, has achieved fruitful results and has become an important platform for the business promotion and cooperation in various fields.

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  Towards an ASEAN Community 2015

      Malaysian Pavilion at the Expo


ASEAN at a glance


面积  =

Country Code



(Nov 2011)
100 RMB
100 人民币等值
Brunei 汶莱0.02     6730.4Dolllar     20
Cambodia 柬埔寨0.55     85515.3Riel     63,000
Indonesia 印尼5.62     62234.2Rupiah     141,000
Laos 老挝0.72     8566.2Kip125,000
Malaysia 马来西亚      6028.9Ringgit49
Myanmar 缅甸2.05     9560.2Kyat100
Philippines 菲律宾0.91     6394.0Peso676
Singapore 新加坡0.002     655.1Dollar20
Thailand 泰国1.55     6667.3Baht482
Vietnam 越南1.002     8486.9Dong329,000