Ask not what Penang-Hainan can do for you…Ask what you can do for Penang-Hainan.        莫问槟城-海南能为你做什么….要问你能为槟城-海南做什么

The China-Asean Expo is usually held in early September each year in Nanning (Guangxi, China). 
一年一度的《中国-东盟博览会》通常在每年9月初在南宁市 (中国,广西)举行。这是中国-东盟自贸区具有广泛影响力的国际展会,也是11国政府共办的政治外交经贸多领域合作平台。more 更多 ....

The Hainan round Island Railway connects Haikou to Sanya along the eastern coastline via Meilan Airport (308 km) and Haikou to Sanya along the western coastline (345 km), making it the first round-island rail services in the world. The eastern route takes 2 hours whilst the western route take 2 hours 30 minutes.

Kroh / Klian Intan Hainan Association celebrated its 105th anniversary on 5 November 2011. Association Chairman Mr Foo Kok Min and other dignitaries joined in to sing the birthday song

With favorable environment, increasing number of backpackers are carrying foldable bikes while on the move so that they can travel farther and explore more details.

Bringing Penang-Hainan Together 让槟城-海南更亲近

Events In Penang  槟城活动项目
  • Chinese New Year Celebration 农历新年街头庆典
  • Floral Festival 花展
  • International Dragon Boat Festival 国际龙舟赛

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Penang Online News  槟城在线新闻
Public Holidays in Penang 槟城公共假期


Events In Hainan  海南活动项目
  • China Tourism Day 中国旅游日
  • Round Island Cycling 海南环岛自行车赛
  • International Agricultural Fair 国际热带农产品冬季交易会

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Hainan Online News  海南在线新闻
Public Holidays in Hainan 海南公共假期

Penang – Gateway To Asean 槟城 – 东盟的窗口


The State consists of the island of Penang (285 sq. km) and Province Wellesley (Seberang Perai) (759 sq. km).  The two parts are linked by a regular ferry service and the 13.5 km Penang Bridge.  Another bridge, 24 km long, links Batu Maung on the island and Batu Kawan on the mainland.  Penang State has a population of about 1.5 million with slightly less than half residing on the island.  

Penang island has transformed into a world leading multi-national electronic and export-oriented manufacturing centre since it ceased to be a free port status in 1969.  It is also an international tourist destination with its rich historic sites, diverse culture, unique architectural buildings, lush nature and the beaches. 

Butterworth, on the mainland, is an important public transportation hub for trains, buses, ferry and ships.  Trains from Bangkok and Singapore halt here.  Penang international airport, located  on the island, have direct flight to Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Guangzhou and more.

 Penang Attraction 槟城旅游景点     槟城简介     More About Penang     MM2H 马来西亚我的第二家园计划

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George Town, the capital of Penang, was declared UNESCO World Cultural Heritage City on 7 July 2008.  There are rich collection of historic buildings such as the various Chinese clan associations, the various religious mosques, churches, Chinese temples, Indian temples, clan jetties, shop and residential houses.  The various architectures bear testimony to the multi ethnic settlers of those years.  Their co-existence is a good testimony of the multi-racial community with multi-culture, multi-religion, multi-lingual who lived harmoniously in Penang. 



Penang Road, one of the busiest roads during the day but come Sunday morning, the cars give way to the cyclists. 


Hainan - Gateway to China 海南 - 中国的窗口

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More about the bridge connecting the Hainan island and the peninsula across the Straits of Qiongzhou 更多有关琼州海峡跨海大桥详情 >>>> Go... 点击

Hainan became the youngest province and the largest special economic district in China in April 1988. It has a land area of 34,000 square kilometer with a population of 9 million (2010). Haikou is the provincial capital of Hainan with Sanya, located in the south of the island, the second biggest city. There is a motor expressway and trains that connect Haikou and Sanya.  A bridge, connecting the island and the mainland, is expected to commence construction in 2018 and to complete by 2025.  .... more about Hainan

海南岛为中国一个省级行政区; 北以广东划界,西与越南相对,东北与台湾省相望,东南和南边与菲律宾,文莱和马来西亚为邻。琼州大桥预计2018年开工建设,预料2025年建成通车。大桥跨海部分长度达26.3公里。大桥有两层:下层为火车道,上层为公路。大桥落成后能大大刺激海南的经济发展,若能配合未来的港珠澳大桥开通(预计2017年),由香港驾车到海南只需要5至6小时 .... 认识我们的海南 

Miss World and Hainan 世界小姐与海南

The 53rd Miss World Pageant was held in 2003 in Sanya, Hainan for the first time and in 2004, 2005 and return to this city again to hold the 57th Pageant in 2007.
世界小姐大赛2003年第一次在海南省的三亚举行并连续於2004,2005及2007再度举办 .…更多

左图:2007年第57届世界小姐—张梓琳 (中国)

The Hainanese 海南人

The International Federation Of Hainan Association (IFHA) was formally inaugurated in 1989. The objectives of the Association are: (a) to promote and strengthen the well being of the Hainanese worldwide (b) to promote friendly relationship among various nations (c) to contribute towards a better understanding in culture, sport and academy (d) to pool the Hainanese resources for commercial activities to enhance the economy and social standing of the Hainanese.世界海南乡团联谊会成立于1989年. 联谊会的宗旨: (a) 促进与加强世界各地海南同乡团体的联系及友好合作 (b) 为增进各国人民的友谊做出贡献 (c) 为促进各国的文化、体育、学术交流做出贡献 (d) 集中海南乡团与乡亲的力量,集资从事经济活动,以提高海南人的经济和社会地位

It held its First World Convention in Singapore with subsequent biannual meets as follow:

1st (1989)  Singapore 新加坡 2nd (1991) Bangkok, Thailand 泰国(曼谷)
3rd (1993) Haikou, Hainan 海南省 (海口) 4th (1995) Hong Kong 香港
5th (1997) Macau 澳门 6th (1999) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 马来西亚 (吉隆坡)
7th (2001) Bangkok, Thailand 泰国 (曼谷) 8th (2004)  Boao, Hainan 海南省 (博鳌)
9th (2005) Los Angeles, USA 美国 (洛杉矶) 10th (2007)  Brunei 汶莱
11th (2009) Singapore 新加坡 12th (2011)  Hong Kong 香港   [ video 录影 ]
13th (2013) Medan, Indonesia  印尼(棉兰) 14th (2015) Sydney, Australia 澳洲(悉尼)
15th (2017) Hong Kong 香港  16th (2019) Sanya, Hainan 海南省 (三亚)
17th (2021)   


Association of Southeast Asian Nations 东南亚国家联盟

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) was established on 8 August 1967. The Member States of ASEAN consists of ten nations.  They are Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. The Secretariat is based in Jakarta, Indonedia.

ASEAN Community
On 1 March 2009, the ASEAN Leaders signed the Roadmap for an ASEAN community (2009-2015), a new initiative to ensure
the timely implementation of the three Blueprints:
(a) the ASEAN Political-Security  Community Blueprint
(b) the ASEAN Economic Community Blueprint
(c) the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community Blueprint

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ASEAN at a glance


面积  =

Country Code



(Nov 2011)
100 RMB
100 人民币等值
Brunei 汶莱0.02     6730.4Dolllar     20
Cambodia 柬埔寨0.55     85515.3Riel     63,000
Indonesia 印尼5.62     62234.2Rupiah     141,000
Laos 老挝0.72     8566.2Kip125,000
Malaysia 马来西亚      6028.9Ringgit49
Myanmar 缅甸2.05     9560.2Kyat100
Philippines 菲律宾0.91     6394.0Peso676
Singapore 新加坡0.002     655.1Dollar20
Thailand 泰国1.55     6667.3Baht482
Vietnam 越南1.002     8486.9Dong329,000

About ASEAN 认识东盟  founded on 8 August 1967 in Bangkok .... Aims and purposes .... Asean Community (2009-2015) .... 
China-Asean Expo中国东盟博览会  主办单位 .... 宗旨 .... 秘书处 .... 展览内容 .... 主题园 .... 重点主题 ....      
Hanoi:Gateway To China-Asean Free Trade Area 河内:中国-东盟自由贸易区的窗口    
Feature: >
Laos - Towards Industrialization And Modernization  (By Jee Say Hai) 老挝 - 向工业化和现代化迈进
特写        >  月亮之城  感动之旅 - 访问老挝万象侧记  (作者: 陈超)

Backpacking 自助旅游

2002 From Penang to Hainan via Cambodia  从槟城到海南途经柬埔塞   2011 From Penang to Hainan via Chiangmai 从槟城到海南经泰国合艾、清迈、云南西双版纳、普尔、越南河内、下龙湾、广西东兴、广东海安 2004 From Penang to Hue 从槟城到越南顺化经泰国曼谷、老挝永珍、越南荣市
penang hainan route
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  chiangmai hainan
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 bangkok hue3
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From Haikou to Shangrila (Yunnan, China) 从海口到香格里拉(云南)(2014)      Go > >     

The route: From Haikou by flight > Kunming by train > Dali by train > Lijiang by tour bus > Shangrila; visited a few attractions before check-in at hotel. Picture taken from Shangrila cultural museum (opposite the city Plaza).

旅程: 从海口直飞>昆明乘坐火车直达>大理乘坐火车直达>丽江乘坐旅巴前往香格里拉;沿途参观几个景点后才下榻酒店。 照片是从香格里拉市中心香巴拉藏文化博物馆(坛城广场对面)拍摄。

From Penang to Urumqi (Xinjiang, China) 从槟城到乌鲁木齐(新疆)(2014)     Go > > 
liu hatTour of Heaven Lake (mountain); tour of Turpan (desert city)and driving through grassland and mountain (3,500m high) covering 3,000 km with many living challenges city dwellers had not experience before.
天池一日游, 吐鲁番一日游及

From Penang to Hainan via Nanning 从槟城到海南途经南宁  (Sept 2012)     Go > > 
vietnamese studentchina vietnam border(Left) A charming university student posed near the Hoan Kiem Lake 
(Right) After the Vietnam immgration clearance you will see this boundary landmark.  The tunnel leads to the China immigration compound. 

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     赛里木湖 Go(2) 喀拉峻 Go(3) 琼库什台 Go(4)  九曲十八弯 Go(5) 独库公路 Go(6)
Let Penang-Hainan reach the world….let the world know Penang-Hainan        让槟城-海南走向世界…让世界了解槟城-海南