Hainanese Song 海南民谣

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This song was first sung at the third World Hainanese Convention during the opening ceremony held in Haikou, Hainan from 28th to 30th November 1993. A total of 1766 delegates from 20 countries / regions attended the function.

For those who returned to the fatherland for the gathering for the first time after a lapse of 40 over years or so, the song was very touched and sentimental. It went deep into their hearts and souls. They left the fatherland Hainan due to poor living condition. Some left as young as 10 years old; others left their families behind with hope of return to contribute to the well being of families and fellow countrymen.

In fact there are many schools and roads in their respective villages put up with their financial contribution. We salute to them for their good thought and commitment.

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中    秋   期    吃     月   饼
tong  siu  hee  chia  gue  bia

八    月    十  五    中     秋   期              子    欲    吃    饼    父   无   钱
pui  gui  tap  gou  tong  siu  hee            kia    be   chia  bia  pek  bo  chi

子    就    睡  着    呀    呀    啼                 父     见    子     啼    父   也   啼
kia   bi   hoi   lo    ya    ya   hee               pek   kee   kia   hee  pek  ya  hee